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The Feed - Live Third Anniversary Special

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The Feed co-hosts Marc Fennell and Jeannette Francis
image source - SBS

For the last three years, The Feed has been irreverently bringing the most important stories, issues and events to a youthful and vibrant audience.

Now, on the third anniversary of its relationship with Australia, The Feed has given into its parents’ nagging and is having a wedding.

At Thursday 7.30pm on 19 May, The Feed will live broadcast the TV wedding event of a generation, when Australia’s favourite news doyen Lee Lin Chin acts as celebrant between show and the nation itself.

There’ll be singing, dancing, as well as the cutting insights and news you’ve come to expect from your favourite show.

Also this week on The Feed we ask, just how close are we coming to a war between the generations?

Have the Baby Boomers grown fat on decades of economic growth, but selfishly left little behind for their children? Are student debts and job insecurity crippling GenY’s chance of a prosperous future? Do spiralling house prices mean few Millennials will ever be able to own their own homes?  Or are the Millennials just a bunch of self-entitled Boomer bashers, simply unwilling to work as hard as their parents did to attain the good things in life?

On this week’s The Feed Forum, we bring together a unique panel of contributors from both generations to hammer out their differences, including one of Australia’s leading economists, a Gen Y senator struggling to make his voice heard in a Boomer-dominated government, and a woman so desperate to curb her spending and save for a home deposit she’s let her parents control her finances completely.

In a debate for the ages hosted by Marc Fennell, The Feed’s ‘Boomers vs GenY’ forum will uncover the answers on a subject crucial to the very future of Australia.

The Feed’s ‘Boomers vs GenY forum airs Tuesday 17 May at 7:30pm on SBS2. The live third anniversary special airs Thursday 19 May at 7:30pm on SBS2.