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Lots of buzz, but no numbers for beIN Foxtel launch

NewsKevin Perry

image source - beIN

Last weekend witnessed the arrival of three new sports channels on the Foxtel platform. The highly anticipated beIN Sports channels deliver an endless stream of Football and Rugby vision for sports

The launch of the 3 channels created significant buzz on social media with many football fans boasting they would ‘never sleep again’ and it would bring ‘end of their marriages’

However there is no official data available to tell just how popular the new channels are, a spokesperson for OZTAM has confirmed to DeciderTV that beIN will not be included in subscription ratings results until 26th June.

The current OZTAM system only provides for 4 days per year when new channels can be added to the ratings collection service.

It means pundits will be unable to access how many viewers tune in for the opening weeks of the Euro 2016 tournament.

Of course it’s still a better result than with many internet subscription video services such as Netflix, Stan, Presto or soon to launch Optus football channels, which are unlikely to ever provide viewership data.