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Streaming Guide May 20-26

Weekend Binge Watch: Lady Dynamite: Season 1 (Netflix, May 20)

Comedian Maria Bamford stars in a series inspired by her own life. It’s the sometimes surreal story of a woman who loses – and then finds – her sh*t. All 13 episodes drop at 5pm on Friday, so you can binge watch at your leisure this weekend.


Johnny English (Presto, May 22)

Rowan Atkinson stars as Johnny English in this 2003 satire of James Bond Films. Mediocre Spy Johnny English as hired to prevent further mayhem after villain Pascal Sauvage (John Malkovich) murders the country’s top undercover agents with the intention of stealing Britain’s Crown Jewels.



Angie Tribeca: Season 1 (Stan, May 24)

Rashida Jones (Parks and Recreation, The Office) stars in this satire of police procedurals as Angie Tribeca, a 10-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department’s elite RHCU: Really Heinous Crimes Unit. The Brainchild of Steve and Nancy Carell, Angie Tribeca follows the eccentric but brilliant group of officers as they investigate crime, reveal way too much information about themselves and refuse to rest until justice has been served… sort of. All 10 episodes will be available on Tuesday, and Stan is fast tracking the second season in June.



Self/Less (Stan, May 25)

A dying real estate mogul transfers his consciousness into a healthy young body, but soon finds that neither the procedure nor the company that performs it are quite what they seem. Starring Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) and Ben Kingsley (Ghandi).



The Hills: Every Episode (Stan, May 26)

Now you can watch as Lauren “LC” Conrad, Audrina, Spencer and Heidi, Whitney, Brody, Lo, Kristen and of course Justin Bobby from the beginning! Follow the crew as they make new friends, fall in love and chase their dreams under the bright lights of Los Angeles.




Bloodline: Season 2 (Netflix, May 26)

Season 2 begins with the Rayburn family struggling to conceal their unthinkable crime. Mysterious strangers from Danny's past arrive with a dangerous agenda. Law enforcement is closing in on the truth behind Danny's murder.

And the tight-knit family's once harmonious relationship is poisoned by paranoia and mistrust as it slowly begins to unravel. Lies mount.  Alliances are betrayed.  Relationship are destroyed. With their backs against the wall, good people may have to do some very bad things...




Here’s everything else coming to streaming this week:

Dan in Real Life (Presto, May 20)
Johnny English (Presto, May 22)
The Rainmaker (Presto, May 22)
The Cheetah Girls: One World (Presto, May 24)
Oliver & Company (Presto, May 25)
Grosse Pointe Blank (Presto, May 26)
Alice in Wonderland (Presto, May 26)
Get Santa (Presto, May 26)
How to Make Love Like… (Presto, May 26)
Jaws (Netflix, May 26)
Jaws 2 (Netflix, May 26)
Jaws 3 (Netflix, May 26)