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RECAP: Claire and Hagan top with a perfect score in Dalby | @HouseRulesOn7

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A perfect score from both judges and the home owners saw young parents, Claire and Hagan, rocket to the top of the HOUSE RULES scoreboard tonight.

The normally vocal couple were rendered almost speechless as the verdicts were delivered on their kitchen, dining and guest bedroom zone.

Home owner Luke told them: “You guys just blew us away; it was an unreal zone. That kitchen, far out, I want to learn how to cook now. And to see that you found the time during that busy week to make a bed, it was unreal guys. It was such a beautiful bed too, you should be proud, you really nailed it.”

The judges concurred, saying the entire house was an outstanding team effort. “This house was outstanding, all throughout the house, all the way through to the deck, there was a lot of love,” said Joe Snell with Wendy Moore adding: “This has to be my favourite house in the history of House Rules. So when it comes down to the judging, it came down to separating the great from the amazing.”

Sitting pretty with the judges was SA’s Brooke and Michelle, who despite some rough nights in the tent, lifted their efforts to transform Luke’s bedroom and the laundry for scores of eight from Wendy and nine from Joe.

“That black and white image of the Brisbane Story Bridge was a very obvious interpretation to the house rule: add city shine to a country gem and it was perfect,” reflected Joe.

Also winning valuable points from the judges was Perth husband and wife, Rose and Rob. Despite some tension with his fellow competitors while building the twins’ surprise back deck birthday present, Rob managed to help produce an enviable porch for a yarn and rescued a claw-foot bath from the backyard for their bathroom makeover.

“It was a great bathroom with a fantastic timber vanity. It was elegant and rich and it captivated as soon as you walked in,” said Joe in scoring them an eight. Wendy scored them a nine.

Transforming their second living room in as many weeks, Fil and Joe from Melbourne didn’t disappoint Wendy, who scored them a nine. “Once again, your living room was a very good showcase of your talent; you guys have a real knack for creating warm and inviting living rooms and this week didn’t disappoint. It was a great choice of sofa; I really liked the blue wall colour and the wood panelling was nicely executed.”

But Joe Snell was less impressed, giving their zone, which also incorporated the walk-in-robe, hallway and entry, a seven due to their poor application of wallpaper and the bland white marble against the TV wall.

Meanwhile, the judges felt Nancy and Daniel’s attempt at channelling George Clooney in Cody’s bedroom was a big responsibility which sadly missed the mark. While Wendy liked the built-in bed and storage, Joe explained: “You should have re-thought your layout to ensure Cody had a bigger bed.” Both scored seven.

The emotional brothers said they couldn’t wait to invite all the teams over for a beer on their new deck. “Seeing the house was the best birthday present we’ve ever had. You guys really turned it from a halfway house to a home that I’m going to love to spend all my time in,” said Luke. “That deck was great; to fit time in to build a deck just for us, it means a lot.”


QLD homeowners Luke and Cody scored the teams out of 10:

VIC Claire & Hagan (kitchen, dining, guest bedroom) – 10

NSW Nancy & Daniel (Cody’s bedroom, ensuite) – 9

SA Brooke & Michelle (Luke’s bedroom, laundry) – 8

WA Rose & Rob (bathroom, porch) – 7

VIC Fil & Joe (living room, hallway, entry, WIR) – 6


When combined with the judges’ scores, the leaderboard stands as:

With the fourth renovation completed, the teams will now head to Perth to transform Rose and Rob’s tiny, 1960s double brick home into a retro show stopper. Who will win the ultimate prize - their mortgage paid off in full.

HOUSE RULES airs Monday to Wednesday at 7:30pm with a whole house transformation revealed each week on Sunday at 7pm.