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Netflix gives users the ability to control mobile data usage with new app update

NewsKevin Perry

Netflix has released a new update to its phone and tablet apps that will give users much greater control over the amount of mobile data they consume while streaming video content.

The new default setting will enable users to stream about 3 hours of TV shows and movies per gigabyte of data. In terms of bitrates, that amounts to about 600 Kilobits per second. Netflix will now also provide users the option to stream data at a higher or lower bitrate on mobile


To set your mobile data usage, ensure you have updated your Netflix app on iOS or Android to the most recent version, select “App Settings” from the menu, and pick “Cellular Data Usage.” There you can switch off the automatic default and select a higher or lower data usage setting that works with your mobile data plan, including an unlimited option.

As with all streaming, actual data usage can vary based on your device capabilities and network conditions. Your mobile carrier also may impact the actual data usage even if you elect a higher setting in the Netflix app. This setting only affects data usage while viewing on your mobile device on cellular networks; streaming on Wi-Fi is not affected nor is streaming when tethered.