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REVIEW: Wentworth returns with a Massive Fourth Season

ReviewNikole Gunn

image source - Foxtel

The women of Wentworth are back for season four of this Aussie drama, which promises strong story lines and some intriguing plot twists.

It’s been four months since the fire that closed out season three.  The prison has been rebuilt and Vera Bennett is now running the place, with Will Jackson as her deputy.

As the women begin the journey back to Wentworth, Franky Doyle can be heard on ‘radio’ talking about life behind bars.

“It’s all about power. Who’s got it.  Who wants it.  If you’ve got it, what do you do to keep it?  If you want it, what will you do to get it”?

It pretty much sums what this season will focus on.

Bea Smith’s battle to maintain her title as ‘top dog’. Her authority is being challenged by Kaz Proctor, who appears set to fill the void left by Franky Doyle, who’s begun a new life on the outside.

But it goes beyond Bea’s battle to maintain her position as the one calling the shots.  This is also about a battle for power among those running the prison.

Vera’s in charge, promising to be ‘tough, but fair and progressive’.  She also has a better sense of how to play the ‘game’.  She’s now the face of Wentworth and understands the power of ‘good PR’.

Then there’s the question of the Freak, Joan Ferguson.  She’s back within prison walls, but on the other side of the bars and will prove to be a thorn in the side of both Vera and Bea.

Wentworth is good Aussie drama that is now being enjoyed in more than 90 other countries and it’s easy to see the appeal.  There’s the strong, mainly female cast and stories that are told in a unique way. 

There’s also a fairly healthy dose of good old-fashioned melodrama.  This season, it’s in the form of a stalker who is watching Franky’s every move. Does it involve someone from life-before-prison or someone connected to her life behind bars? 

Wentworth season four premieres on Foxtel’s SoHo channel Tuesday May 10th and 8.30pm