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New Trailer: The Proudmans Rocked By A Shocking Family Secret | #Offspring

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In what promises to be another surprising, exuberant, romantic and heart-warming season, the new season of TEN’s family drama Offspring sees Nina Proudman and her family rocked by an unexpected event which will test them as never before.


The Proudman family are left confused and hurt after uncovering a shocking family secret with extraordinary ramifications.

Isabella Monaghan plays Zoe Proudman-Reid, Asher Keddie plays Nina Proudman
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Add to this the appearance of a mysterious and enigmatic lawyer, Will Bowen played by TJ Power, and Nina’s new colleague, the Director of Clinical Education at St Francis, Dr. Angus Freeman, played by Dan Wyllie, and it is no surprise that Nina and the Proudman family are left in a state of flux.


Picking up 18 months on from where season five left off, with Nina’s daughter Zoe now two-and-a-half years old, Offspring follows Nina’s quest to manage the intensity of her job delivering babies along with the challenges of raising Zoe in the midst of her chaotic family – all while trying to establish a decent love life for herself.