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Charlie Pickering joins Planet America

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Charlie Pickering
image - supplied/ABCTV

Just when you thought the surprises couldn’t last, Planet America delivers again.

Our very own Chas Licciardello is taking a well earned, but short, four week break, from Planet America to concentrate on the other election campaign electrifying the nation.

And our other very own Charlie Pickering will be subbing into the chair from Friday night, right next to John Barron in the Fake Oval Office, to continue bringing you the latest on the race to the White House.

“I always thought Chas was irreplaceable, but then we replaced him.” Barron says.

“Charlie has a really deep understanding of American politics and is almost as obsessed as Chas. Like Chas, he’s smart, funny and asks questions the others wouldn’t think of. And unlike Chas, Charlie has promised to wear long pants.”

Stay up to date with all the developments on the US Election campaign trail with Planet America.

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