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The Men Who Live As Dogs - This Week on The Feed

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The Feed co-hosts Marc Fennell and Jeannette Francis
image source - SBS

Gaining exclusive access inside the secretive subculture of human pup play in Australia, The Feed meets the men who live as dogs.

This Monday 18 July, reporter Patrick Abboud explores the new movement that has grown out of BDSM and sexual fetish.

By day ‘G–Pup’ is a doctor, ’Seca’ a mechanic and ‘Gryph’ a public servant. By night the men morph into their inner K9.

There at least ten thousand human pups across Europe, Asia and the USA. In Australia Pups hold covert meet-ups in every state.

For the first time these human pups will reveal their true identities and their love of pup play alongside their human ‘handler’ or ‘Boss Pup’.

On Thursday, The Feed investigates the booming sport of ultra-marathon running, and meets a group of extreme athletes running 250 kilometres through the middle of the Simpson Desert.

Is it a dangerous pursuit, or a rediscovery of the lifestyles of our hunter-gatherer ancestors?

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