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VIDEO: Waleed Aly delivers moving editorial in response to fear and racism

NewsKevin Perry

Waleed Aly has delivered a strong editorial on The Project tackling the issues surrounding racism, terrorism and social media backlashes.

In the 6 minute TV segment he called for unity, construction, and the desire to #sendforgivenessviral

"When we're presented with an outrageous opinion we're actually presented with two options: destruction or construction." 


"We can react emotionally and carelessly and with little genuine critical thought and we can destroy a perceived enemy in the hope it will neutralise a perceived threat that's making us feel unsafe, that's the destructive option."


"Or, we can do something that's much more difficult than that, when we're presented with something we perceive to be an outrageous opinion we can consider what motivated that person, try to understand their fear and then empathise with how they came to that conclusion."

The editorial was written by Waleed Aly and journalist/producer Tom Whitty.