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When TV Was Awesome - Now on iview

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image source - ABCTV

Need a damn good laugh? ABC iview has the answer with the exclusive new comedy series When TV Was Awesome available to watch now.

This new 10-part series features television shows selected from the goldmine that is the ABC archive. Mastermind, Harry Butler in the Wild and Patrol Boat are just some of the gems that have been dusted off and creatively re-voiced, giving them the comedy makeover they deserve.

These short, sharp vignettes are from the imaginative and outrageous mind of award-winning comedy writer and performer Jason Marion (Rove Live, Dirty Laundry Live)

Episodes of When TV Was Awesome include:

  • Bastard! – the game show where contestants must endure as many insults as they can to win.
  • Man Boat – All hell breaks loose when a ship’s captain releases a rat to boost morale.
  • Pumpkin Phun Tonight – before A Current Affair there was Pumpkin Phun.

  • Harry Butler Gone Wild: Food – Hungry Harry is having a very bad day in the bush...

  • Pastamind - 70s quiz show where the answer is always ‘pasta’.  How hard could it be...?

To discover the delight that is When TV Was Awesome watch on ABC iview