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Intruders ready to stir up The Bachelor Australia

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There has been plenty of drama already on The Bachelor Australia, but on Wednesday night, three new Bachelorettes enter the mansion – and the other women are far from happy.  

As the original Bachelorettes wait patiently at an elegant garden party, Richie is away in the picturesque Glenworth Valley, dating three brand new Bachelorettes.

The three new love interests pull out all the stops to impress the Bachelor and showcase their love of action and adventure.


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First to meet Richie – racing across the countryside on a quad bike, blonde locks flowing – is 25-year-old Victorian model Steph.

Telling Richie why she applied for The Bachelor Australia, Steph joked:

“What have I got to lose? Except for a broken heart. Don’t break my heart.”



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Hoping two wheels are more impressive than four, 26-year-old sales representative Sarah from Brisbane rode in for her special date with Richie on a motorbike.  

The dirt-bike enthusiast revealed that Richie was the single reason she wanted to be part of this adventure. She said:

“I was lucky I got to find out more about you before I came in. You are amazing. I’m so excited that I’ve met you.”


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Perth-based law student Khalia, 29, opted for a classic mode of transport for her entrance, arriving on horseback. On why she decided to be part of The Bachelor Australia, Khalia said:

“I’ve established all my friends, I’ve been to uni, then you kind of think, ‘Now I need the next bit’ and I haven’t met the right person.”

Initially shocked to meet three new girls, Richie said:

“At the start of the day when I was told I was about to meet three girls, I was just overwhelmed. I’m definitely open to the thought that one of these girls could be my future partner.”

While Richie’s road to love gets more complicated, anxiety levels rise back at the mansion. A helicopter lands and the Bachelorettes who are expecting Richie, are set for disappointment. How will they react to the arrival of three new Bachelorettes?

The Bachelor Australia - Wednesdays And Thursdays At 7.30pm on TEN.