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RECAP: Alliances Form on Night Two of Australian Survivor

RecapKevin Perry

image - supplied/TEN

Tonight on Australian Survivor, strategy was the name of the game. But Bianca’s scheming was her undoing, as her targeting of tribe mates backfired.

After saying farewell to Des in the season’s first Tribal Council, the Aganoa tribe returned to camp with just seven members. Trust began to evaporate as they realised anyone could be the next to go. When Kristie’s top and bag went missing, paranoia set in. Convinced the entire tribe was plotting against her, Kristie confided in El about her childhood dream to win Australian Survivor. While the tribe was not conspiring against Kristie specifically, strong alliances were developing.

In the Sanaapu tribe, Bianca was concerned that Brooke, Flick and Matt’s close relationship would become a threat and turned to Kylie to discuss voting out Flick. Meanwhile, the tribe’s oldest member, Peter, became exhausted and fatigued and confessed to feeling like a liability.

Over at Vavau, the tribe was on a steep learning curve. Despite myriad attempts, they could not start a fire and were feeling the effects of dehydration and hunger. A positive Kate stepped up and encouraged one last, successful attempt, resulting in a celebratory meal of banana, egg and coconut rice. 

In a chaotic challenge, Saanapu started with a strong lead before being overtaken by Vavau and Aganoa. Kate shone, leading to a victory for Vavau. Lee used his cricket arm for a dramatic comeback for Aganoa, leaving Saanapu to face Tribal Council.

As Saanapu prepared for their first Tribal Council, panic set in. Peter admitted his heart was no longer in the game and he asked the others to send him home.

Unconvinced, Bianca spoke to Conner about voting out Flick in an attempt to break up her friendship with Brooke and Matt. Aiming to get into the tribe’s strongest alliance, Conner told Flick, Brooke and Matt of Bianca’s plans. After a frenzy of whispers, the tribe agreed to honour Peter’s wishes and send him home.

But it soon became evident that all was not as it seemed when Bianca earned the most votes, making her the second contestant to leave Australian Survivor.