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Young Australians caught in French Terror Attack - This weekend on Sunday Night

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image & video source - Seven Network

Like hundreds of thousands of other young Australians, Adelaide Stratton had been planning and saving for it for years – that first trip away from home to see the world.

But for many following this annual rite of passage, there’s a new menace: random acts of senseless terror.

And so it was for Adelaide and three of her young Aussie mates, when the adventure of a lifetime came to a brutal and bloody end. The recent Nice terrorist attack left Adelaide critically injured and fighting for her life.

But in those first crucial moments, as all those around her were dying, a stranger would become her saviour. Chris Bath is a close friend of the Strattons and has followed Adelaide on her slow and painful road to recovery.

This week, Chris returns to Sunday Night with this very personal story. We hear from Adelaide for the first time and the brave man who saved her life.

This SUNDAY NIGHT Special Report hosted by Melissa Doyle airs on Sunday at 8.00pm on Seven.