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RECAP: Rohan’s Immunity Idol Sends Him Home

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In the latest episode of Australian Survivor, arguments overruled alliances and Rohan’s oversharing became his undoing.

At Vavau, former Aganoans Rohan, Phoebe, Kristie and Kat were all feeling vulnerable as a result of the merger. Phoebe’s alliance with Rohan allowed her to control her old tribe, but now their friendship had put a massive target on her back.

Kat and Kristie wasted little time building relationships. Kat sided with tribe powerhouses Sue and Craig, while Kristie and Kate bonded over morning yoga lessons.

After being handed a napkin by Conner containing a hidden Immunity Idol clue, Craig snuck out to the water well to. With the clue detailing that the idol could only be accessible at low tide, excitement quickly turned to concern for Craig, who realised the difficulty of sneaking away from camp without arousing suspicion.

At Saanapu, former Vavau member Jennah-Louise was feeling vulnerable, having been torn away from her strong alliance with Craig. Determined to outwit, outlast and outplay her competitors, Jennah-Louise got to work finding new allies.

A Samoan spa complete with showers, toothpaste, razors, shampoo and soap was up for grabs in tonight’s Reward Challenge. But in order to get clean, the tribes had to get dirty. Keeping with the spa theme, the contestants submerged themselves in a mud bath and worked together to scrape mud off each other’s bodies and into a trough.

The Saanapu tribe mates asserted their physical dominance and filled up their trough the quickest, winning them a relaxing afternoon in the sun getting clean. While El, Lee, Matt, Flick, Brooke and Nick got stuck into the champagne and cheese, Jennah-Louise got stuck into Kylie about joining an alliance.

Back at Vavau, the tides were turning and so were the tribe – on each other. Needing more numbers on his side, Rohan got to work on Conner and Andrew, whom he believed were on the outer alliance.

Delving into information about past Tribal Councils and exposing the cracks within Aganoa, Rohan played right into the hands of Andrew, who gathered the information to use against him.

Tonight’s Immunity Challenge put tribes against one another in a brutal water-based basketball game. Despite an infected boil on her armpit, Kate scored an impressive two wins for the Vavau team. But it was Matt who made the basket in the deciding round securing Saanapu another victory.

image source - TEN

Outnumbered by the original Vavau tribe, power couple Phoebe and Rohan knew they were in the firing line at tonight’s Tribal Council. While Phoebe desperately tried to make last-minute allies, Rohan revealed to Sue, Craig and Conner that he had the Immunity Idol.

Knowing Rohan would play the idol and wanting to split up the dynamic duo, Sue, Craig, Andrew, Kate and Conner unanimously decided to vote Phoebe out.

Switched on to the politics at play by her rivals, Phoebe made a last-minute attempt to change the game by convincing Rohan to give her his Immunity Idol and for the core four to write Sue's name down on the parchment.

At Tribal Council, Phoebe played the idol to save herself, confident that her Aganoa allies would stick to the plan and vote out Sue.

Proving their loyalty to their new tribe was stronger, Kristie and Kat strayed from the original strategy and voted for Rohan, which ultimately sealed his fate.

With no Immunity Idol and all votes for Phoebe voided, Rohan was sent packing.

As his torch was snuffed out, the model told his tribe mates: “Thanks guys.”