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RECAP: Andrew Fails To Outwit Survivors - Blindsided At Tribal Council

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In the latest edition of Australian Survivor, Vavau’s fiveperson alliance was broken when Kate and Craig sided with Phoebe and Kristie and sent self-styled tribe puppet master Andrew packing.

Returning from last night’s Tribal Council where Kat was eliminated, Andrew was seething with anger as he had received votes. He was determined to seek revenge on Phoebe and Kristie for trying to vote him out.

Set on lifting camp morale, Kate took the tribe down to the beach for a yoga session. Knowing it would take more than a downward dog to shift the mood, Kate also took Phoebe and Kristie aside to discuss eliminating Andrew. Raising concerns about his poor performance in challenges and untrustworthy behaviour, Kate proposed a new alliance of herself, Phoebe, Kristie, Craig and Conner.

Over at Saanapu, the tribe mates were feeling the effects of a beans-dominated diet. Feeling lethargic, the camp was divided on the idea of killing the chickens to spice up their menu.

The majority agreed that a protein intake would benefit them in challenges, but Matt persuaded them to reconsider.

Nick was furious at the resultant decision to set the chickens free, seeing Matt’s move as a metaphor for the shifting balance of power in the tribe.

A massive chocolate feast was up for grabs in tonight’s Reward Challenge. Tied together and loaded down with heavy bags, the tribes were pushed to their physical limits trying to tag each other in a water-based race. Carrying 42 kilograms between them, challenge heavyweights Lee and Sam lead Saanapu to another victory.

Tonight’s Immunity Challenge required one man and one woman from each tribe to hold a rope connected to a basket, while members from the other tribe tried to overload the baskets with coconuts.

Vavau’s Craig and Sue showed incredible stamina, but they were no match for Saanapu’s Flick, who won the challenge as the last person standing.

Back at Camp Vavau, Andrew was relying on the loyalty of his five-person alliance to keep him safe at Tribal Council. With Sue and Conner sticking by their word to vote out Kristie, it was left to Kate, Phoebe and Kristie to persuade alliance leader Craig to vote head over heart and send Andrew home.

In a last-ditch attempt to secure his position in the game, Andrew proposed voting out Kate.

Going into Tribal Council, Andrew was excited to watch his master plan roll out and for Kristie’s torch be snuffed out.

But proving that physicality can sometimes override loyalty in Australian Survivor, Craig and Kate turned their back on the alliance and sent underperformer Andrew packing.

On his departure, the marketing executive said: “I didn’t see that one coming. Well played guys.”