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Seven and Nine to share Helicopter recources in cost-cutting move

NewsKevin Perry

Nine News Brisbane Helicopter
Image - News Corp

The Seven and Nine Networks have reached an agreement that will see them share News Helicopter resources in all major capital cities of Australia.

The move comes after a year-long review as previously reported by this website.

Seven will now be responsible for managing Helicopters in Adelaide and Perth, while Nine will continue to operate Helicopters in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

All network branding and logos removed will be removed from the aerial fleet.

Seven and Nine had already been sharing aerial vision captured on weekends. It will be interesting to see how “First on Seven/Nine’ watermarks are used in the future.

The logos of Seven and Nine will no longer be seen above our cities

While day-to-day aerial footage will now be shared between networks. Seven and Nine maintain the option of hiring additional Helicopters or Drones for special news events such as Floods and Bushfires.

The news business has certainly changed a lot since the 80’s when Helicopters were routinely used by news staff as Taxi’s, Nowadays budgets are so tight that News Directors have to carefully justify each decision to send a Helicopter into the field.

When first approached about this story in July last year, Geoff Sparke Director of Broadcast Operations at Nine Network told DeciderTV:

“Delivering our audience the best possible News service is our single focus and we believe this move, following on the success of our sharing weekend helicopter operations around the country, will ensure we do that and maximize efficiencies within our business. Sharing resources is a practice internationally, most obviously in the US, and as technology evolves we believe our journalists will be best served with state of the art equipment provided by market leading vendors. This operational model gives our businesses the maximum flexibility in news gathering while ensuring the delivery of the best quality aerial videography.”

David Porter, Director of TV Operations for Seven, added:

“We are committed to building and expanding our news presence. This joint approach with Nine forms part an ongoing focus on creating greater efficiencies and effectiveness in our operations. We are about delivering news to our audiences and focusing on how we resource our ability to deliver even more news while managing our costs.”