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AIRDATE: Sarah Todd new series My Restaurant In India

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Sarah Todd
Image - SBS

My Restaurant In India is a brand new food travel series that follows Sarah Todd as she abandons her fashionable Melbourne lifestyle and heads to Goa to face the daunting challenge of setting up and running a 400-seat beach club and restaurant.

In an industry where only one out of three new restaurants survives, she questions if this is just a flight of fancy. Perched on the cliffs above one of the most exclusive stretches of beach in Goa, expectations on this young and passionate restaurant rookie are sky high. With very little industry experience, Sarah has everything to learn about running a restaurant. Armed only with her wits, a burning passion for great food and a deep love of India, the cameras follow Sarah as she strives to turn her restaurant dreams into reality, against the backdrop of a foreign land where she will need to find her feet fast.

There is a long list of things that need to be done and upon arrival Sarah soon discovers that things in India are done a bit differently. With the builders trying to finish construction only weeks before the official restaurant opening, Sarah needs to oversee the interior design and furnishing of the restaurant, set up the kitchen, devise a menu, source produce and find and train chefs and staff. She will also have to juggle her duties as a young mother with her mischievous five-year old son, Phoenix, tagging along for this life-changing journey.

“I'm really thrilled about finding a home at SBS food and to be amongst such impeccable food company. It's going to be great fun to share my adventures of setting up my very first restaurant in a foreign country with the SBS audiences. Join me for a crazy journey filled with laughter, tears, drama and excitement.” – Sarah Todd

At the young age of 18, Sarah was discovered as a model. She moved to Sydney under contract and then spent most of her career travelling the world and working for high-end fashion labels such as Gucci, Hugo Boss, Pantene and Seafolly. A decade was dedicated to modeling on runways and shooting photo spreads for a myriad of editorial and advertising campaigns in London, New York, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. It was along the way Sarah discovered a love for food culture she had never known. Exposure to so many different and exciting cuisines sparked her imagination and she began to feel heady with possibility.

Sarah’s now classically trained in French cookery from Le Cordon Bleu and has gained experience alongside Michelin star chef’s Neil Borthwick and Angela Hartnett at Merchant’s Tavern in London, hatted restaurants Tonka and St. Crispin in Melbourne and was pinned as the favourite to win on MasterChef Australia season six. Earlier this year Sarah published her first cookbook with worldwide publishing house Penguin, The Healthy Model Cookbook, with a focus on fresh seasonal produce cooked simply and packed with fantastic ways to inject flavour into dishes.

This six part series reveals a rollercoaster of triumphant highs and disastrous lows as Sarah embarks on the crucial stages of the restaurant development, through the chaos of opening night and beyond as she sets about creating the ultimate Goan beach dining experience.

My Restaurant In India premieres Thursday 20 October at 9pm on SBS as part of SBS Celebrates Diwali that will feature a range of content across the network:

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