The Real Housewives of Auckland season 1 episode 5 reaction podcast

Anne gets a spray tan
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You know what THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF AUCKLAND need after a solid four episodes? A holiday in Port Douglas. Join them, Nic McLachlan & Steve Molk as we wind you through this week's episode for make benefit glorious nation of North Queensland.

There's certainly a lot of business to take care of before we get to the mainland too. There's packing, bitching, a high tea, a spray tan, a fashion parade and some more bitching.

Once we get to the resort the problems only ramp up trying to work out WHO IS STAYING IN WHICH ROOM! And Poor Lea gets dragged along to be Angela's slave.

A failed drinking game leads into a big surprise, only to be gazzumped with another surprise from someone else. It's moments like these you need an assassin on speed dial. (Also: where was Lea?!)


MolksTVTalk the podcast has (again) been hijacked for this season of RHOAKL as Nic & I record a reaction pod for every ep, available just after the episode has aired.

P.S. It's not fair.




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MolksTVTalk the podcast is made for

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