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RECAP: The Good Guys’ Plans Go Bad on Australian Survivor

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In the latest episode of Australian Survivor, contestants continued to grapple with the reality of their newly merged tribe of 12.

For Kate, this meant forming an alliance with those she trusted most in an attempt to give Nick the boot. But when Lee and Sam crossed their own alliance to join the good guys, chaos ensued and Kate was eliminated.

Still reeling from last night’s tribal merger and the elimination of Vavau teammate Conner, Kate was convinced she would be the next to go. She set out to recruit the most trustworthy competitors to form a good guys alliance and improve her own chances in the game.

With Sam and Lee on board, the good guys agreed that Immunity Idol-holding Nick could not be trusted and planned to work together to blindside Nick and send him home. But for Sam and Lee, turning on their alliance with Brooke, El and Flick would be a huge risk.

At the Immunity Challenge, players had to keep a ball in motion around a ring for as long as they could. Kate was desperate to win Immunity. But after more than an hour, the last two left standing were El and Lee, with El finally winning Immunity.

Returning to camp, tribe leaders Brooke and Flick dictated to their alliance that the men would vote for Sue while the women would vote for Kate, leading to Kate being sent home.

But Sam and Lee had other plans and continued to recruit members who would vote for Nick. Needing one last vote against Nick, Sam asked Kylie to get on board – but his plan backfired.

Running straight to Brooke, Kylie revealed their plan to try and eliminate Nick. Brooke was furious with Sam for turning on their alliance and a mad scramble got underway as everyone did their best to save themselves.

Sensing panic around him, Nick wondered whether or not to play his Idol at tonight’s Tribal Council.

In the most heated Tribal Council of the season, members got emotional as they revealed their true feelings about each other and the various alliances.

Sam called Nick a liar and a defensive Nick explained that he has not lied since his infamous Immunity Idol clue incident at the start of the game.

Kate called out the existing hierarchy for manipulating the tribe and urged everyone to look out for themselves and vote for who they want to vote for, rather than being led by those in charge.

Lee admitted that for the first time, his emotions were threatening to get in the way of his strategy:

“I’m lost. I came in here with an idea of what I wanted to do because I had given my word to some people. And now emotion is getting in the way of what I said I was going to do and I don’t like that. I’m finding it very difficult to keep my word.”

After the dramatic Tribal Council revelations, Nick decided to play his Immunity Idol, voiding all votes against him.

With Kate receiving the second highest number of votes, it was her time to leave Australian Survivor.

After her elimination, Kate said:

“I had to call out the alliance because if I didn’t do it, no one would. I definitely think a good guy can win Australian Survivor. I just hope that the message I left for the rest of the good guys is enough to enable them to get up off their arses and start playing. And I hope the can of worms I have opened is causing chaos back at camp.”