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RECAP: Two Tribes Become One On Australian Survivor

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In the latest episode of Australian Survivor, the game reached a pivotal moment when the two tribes merged to become one and Conner was sent home after failing to derail the former Saanapu tribe’s strategy.

With Phoebe being their fifth consecutive team member to be voted out at the most recent Tribal Council, Vavau’s morale was at an all-time low.

Feeling deflated with just three members left in the tribe, Conner, Kate and Kristie were hoping their luck would turn around quickly.

Both Vavau and Saanapu were delighted to learn that after weeks of battling the elements, fighting it out in challenges and going without food and sleep, they would merge into one tribe and compete as individuals.

To commemorate reaching a milestone in the game, host Jonathan LaPaglia gave each contestant $500 to spend at a special Australian Survivor auction.

Tired, hungry and tempted by their first food luxury in 32 days, Conner and Kate wasted no time bidding big on items.

While Conner tucked into a $440 chocolate cake and milkshake combo, Kate dropped her full $500 on a bowl of spaghetti and bread.

As Brooke dipped herself into a bath at the bargain price of just $20, Lee and Nick bid on two sealed scrolls which contained a secret advantage in the game.

After the auction, the tribe headed to its new camp and the realisation that it was no longer a team game but an individual one started to sink in.

With only two allies from the old Vavau in Kate and Kristie, Conner was determined to rally numbers to secure his position in the game.

As Conner worked on getting Kylie to flip on her alliance, Lee and Nick scurried off to unseal their secret scrolls. Lee’s advantage was the ability to prevent one person voting at Tribal Council while Nick’s scroll revealed a hidden Immunity Idol clue.

After almost being eliminated on Day 12 because of a similar advantage, Nick realised he had a new target on his back. Thinking his place in the game could be in jeopardy, he wasted no time hunting for the idol.

Arriving at their first individual Immunity Challenge, the tribe revealed its new name, Fia Fia, which means “happy” in Samoan.

Hanging upside down from a pole proved a major struggle for the boys, who dropped off one by one. With the girls left to battle it out, Brooke fought through the pain and was the last person holding on.

With Flick, Brooke, Matt and Nick all gunning for his elimination, Conner accepted his fate at Tribal Council. While Kate worked on getting Kristie onside, Conner tried to sway Sam. Not wanting to ruffle feathers and betray the majority alliance, Kristie and Sam supplied votes that sent Conner packing.

On his departure, the 23-year-old student told his tribe mates: “You guys have been amazing competitors. Good luck.”

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