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Australian Survivor introduces exclusive Jury Villa web series on tenplay

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Network Ten has launched The Jury Villa, a special online series that follows eliminated Australian Survivor contestants as they form a jury to decide the series’ winner and sole survivor.

The nine-part web series starts Tuesday 27 September, when the first member of the jury is announced on Australian Survivor that evening.

Running exclusively on tenplay, the online series follows contestants as they leave their final Tribal Council and arrive at the Jury Villa, a half-way house between civilisation and the game.

Viewers will see how the eliminated contestants interact with each other away from camp, as they discuss strategies and what really happened while on Samoa.

Relationships will form and change as they learn more about each other and reveal if their behaviour in the game was genuine or just part of a strategy.

The gameplay continues in the Jury Villa as the contestants decide what kind of jury member they will be. Will their exit from the show influence the way they vote and where do their alliances truly lie?

At the Jury Villa, contestants enjoy their first proper meal in weeks, a hot shower, a comfortable bed to sleep in and the opportunity to see their reflection in a mirror for the first time since being marooned on the rugged tropical island.

They will also attend the final round of Tribal Councils to watch and listen to the remaining contestants and ultimately decide who will be chosen as the sole survivor.

The Jury Villa is available to watch at