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RECAP: Vavau Votes Head Over Heart | @Survivor_AU

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In episode 6 of Australian Survivor, loyalty was swapped for strategy as former Saanapu members Conner and Sam were spared and original Vavau tribe member Barry was sent home.

Returning from last night’s Tribal Council to an unknown camp and a unified tribe, Vavau's new recruits Conner and Sam were feeling uneasy and extremely vulnerable.

At Saanapu, Flick was relieved at still being a part of team blue, but the tribe’s newest member Nick was seeing red over Vavau’s betrayal. As part of a new strategy to win over the tribe, Nick got to work making himself useful around camp. Hoping to strengthen Saanapu’s all-girl alliance, Brooke wasted no time in poaching Nick's closest ally, Tegan.

A night of heavy rain did not dampen the spirits of the Aganoa tribe, who were still basking in the glory of winning their first Immunity Challenge. Kristie stayed true to the adage “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” by siding with power-player Phoebe in an effort to secure her place in the game.

In tonight’s Immunity Challenge, the tribes had to fashion a pole made of sticks that was long enough to retrieve a hanging key. Making their way through a gate, the last two tribe members had to build a fire big enough to burn through a rope and release their tribe flag.

Saanapu and Aganoa were quick to prove where there is smoke, there is fire, but Vavau’s Craig and Barry were unable to start a blaze high enough to burn down the rope.

Returning to camp, Craig, Jennah-Louise, Sue, Andrew and Kate were torn over writing Barry or Conner’s name down at Tribal Council. Barry refused to be part of an alliance and the tribe sensed his heart was not in the game. But Conner, being new to the team, seemed like the best choice to vote out.

In a last-minute attempt to save himself from elimination, Conner made a moving speech to Vavau detailing his loyalty to the tribe and his value in challenges.

Hoping to set up a blindside, Andrew suggested to Sue that they side with Conner and Sam to vote out Craig, whom he had identified as a massive threat to his game.

No one felt safe going into tonight's Tribal Council. Conner and Sam knew that being from Sannapu made them a target and Craig felt responsible for losing the Immunity Challenge.

But convinced that Conner and Sam could get them further in the game, Vavau’s core alliance sent Barry home.

As his torch was snuffed out, Barry blew an affectionate kiss to his tribe mates.

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