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Sophie finds love with Stu on THE BACHELORETTE AUSTRALIA

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Stu Laundy & Sophie Monk
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In the tropical paradise of Fiji, Australia’s beloved Bachelorette, Sophie Monk, declared her long search for love over when she announced she had fallen head over heels for father-of-four, Stu Laundy.

For six weeks, the nation watched on as Sophie made steps towards finding the love of her life, with her final decision coming down to two extraordinary Bachelors: Sydney publican Stu and Victorian vineyard manager Jarrod Woodgate.

Before she made the big decision, Sophie called on her family once more for their love and advice and asked them to travel to Fiji to meet her final two suitors.

The usually confident Stu was very nervous ahead of meeting Sophie’s family. Sophie’s sister Lucy was quick to address Stu’s playboy image and his past relationships, but Stu’s honest and mature responses quickly eased her concerns.

Sophie’s mother, Sandy, enjoyed chatting with Jarrod and got emotional hearing him say how much he loved her daughter. She felt Jarrod and Sophie were very compatible and could see them together as a couple.

For Jarrod’s final date, Sophie picked him up in a helicopter for a scenic ride around the islands before landing on their own exclusive sand bar, where they had lunch. Stu and Sophie’s final date saw them soaring above Fiji in a sea plane before snorkelling in the Pacific Ocean.

After an emotional journey, Sophie was confident she had found the man of her dreams.

First to meet Sophie was Jarrod. Sophie told Jarrod he was truly one of the most thoughtful and kind men she had ever met but her heart belonged to someone else. Jarrod was noticeably upset but handled himself like a gentleman.

“Every moment we had together, all the memories in the journey that we have done – no regrets whatsoever. You’ve helped me become a better person in this whole journey and I thank you for that,” he said.
After saying goodbye to Jarrod, a very vulnerable Stu approached an excited Sophie. Sophie explained that she was looking for someone who loved her for her and hearing that she had “put him back together again” made her realise that being in a relationship meant being there for each other.

Apologising for misjudging him when she first met him, Sophie then told him what he really wanted to hear: that she was in love with him.

In response, an emotional Stu said: “I love everything about you. And I know it took me forever to say, but I didn’t want to get it wrong. You have rescued me. You’ve given me a second chance.”


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