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There’s no doubt about the marvel of in vitro fertilisation, or the brilliance of the scientists who pioneered it. In the last 40 years IVF has miraculously transformed childless couples into parents by literally creating millions of bundles of joy. But there’s an element of the technique which is causing a little-known and serious ethical dilemma.

What do couples do when they complete IVF treatment without using all their embryos? Destroy the leftover ones? Or donate them to other want-to-be parents? Allison Langdon reports that while embryo donation can be the most generous gift of all, it also comes with risks, and one very tough question: just what are the implications of giving your unborn child to a complete stranger? 

Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Laura Sparkes


For 41 years, rock band U2 have had the world singing and thinking. The Irish supergroup are almost as well known for their politics as their countless hits. Bono, the Edge, Larry Mullen Jr and Adam Clayton were teenagers in Dublin when they got together in 1976 to avoid the bleak prospect of unemployment.

As they say, the rest is history, but when Tara Brown sat down with them in Brazil she found a group not prepared to live off the success of their past. Next week U2 will release their 14th album,Songs of Experience, and they seem just as hungry and joyfully defiant as ever. U2 also let Tara in on a little secret: after a seven-year absence they could be on their way to Australia next year.

Reporter: Tara Brown
Producer: Grace Tobin


Somewhere out in the backblocks of Australia’s red centre there’s a cloud of dust created by a battered old 1979 Toyota Land Cruiser called Alice. Behind the wheel is a wonderful young woman, Edwina Robertson, and next to her, her bitsa dog, Jordie. Alice, Edwina and Jordie are on a mission to discover Australia and bridge the great divide between city and bush.

Edwina, or Eddy as she is known, doesn’t have any money, so she is funding her journey by trading her skills as a professional photographer with bush families, in return for hospitality and a bit of fuel for Alice. It’s such a simple yet glorious adventure that Charles Wooley decided he just had to hitch a ride.

Reporter: Charles Wooley
Producer: Ali Smith


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