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Australia, Let Hughesy Solve Your Problems

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Every Australian household has its issues and now beloved comedian Dave Hughes is here to help solve them in the new comedy series, Hughesy, We Have A Problem, coming soon to TEN and WIN Network in 2018.

Joined by some of the country’s biggest names in comedy, Hughesy will tackle both the big and small problems that complicate modern Australian life.

From friends seeking social justice on Facebook to a mum joining her young daughter at the nightclub a little too often, Hughesy, We Have A Problem will have the hilarious advice the nation has been seeking.

And it is not just everyday Australians who are sharing their problems: each week a celebrity will turn to Hughesy and his panel to help them navigate their way through to a satisfying solution.  


Hughesy, We Have A Problem - coming Soon To TEN And WIN Network In 2018.