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AIRDATE: Bianca Del Rio's "Rolodex Of Hate"

ProgrammingKevin Perry

image - Foxtel

Bianca Del Rio, season 6 winner of Foxtel's Rupaul's Drag Race is hilariously hateful in this stand-up comedy special. Bianca Del Rio's "Rolodex Of Hate"

The self-described "clown in a gown" takes the audience on a journey through her childhood, pointing out the experiences that created the "Rolodex of Hate" in her brain. Along the way she takes a few detours to interact with the audience.

No one is safe from her lightening quick lashes, but her victims hardly have time to feel the sting before she zips on to the next topic. The NY Times calls her "The Joan Rivers of the Drag World", and Joan Rivers herself called Bianca's humour "So funny! So sharp!"

Bianca Del Rio's "Rolodex Of Hate" stand up special will screen on Saturday March 4 at 9.30pm on The Comedy Channel.