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AFL fans frustrated after Telstra app cuts screen size

SportKevin Perry
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The AFL pre-season competition kicked off this weekend, but it turned out to be a frustrating experience for fans that rely on the official AFL app to view games.

With no games on Free-To-Air Television, many fans looked to their iPad’s and Tablet devices to access the Telstra coverage, however they were left disappointed when they realised they could no longer view games in full screen.

Under the terms of the new broadcast agreement that runs from 2017 until 2022, live AFL match video on mobiles and tablets will be a maximum of seven inches diagonally for users using the Telstra AFL Live Pass.

The new screen size limitation makes it even more difficult for for fans to airplay the coverage onto their TV's. It also affects immediate replays of games on the app, a spokesperson for Telstra telling DeciderTV,

“There is no restriction on the image size for match replays and highlights 12 hours after the match conclusion.”

While fans were surprised by the new limitations with some taking to social media to demand refunds, Telstra is fighting back saying the screen size disclaimer was included in the terms of use. 

Subscribers using Foxtel Go/Play apps to watch live AFL are unaffected by the new limitation as Foxtel has secured digital rights for devices above seven inches.

Under the new deal, Foxtel holds exclusive broadcast rights for even more games than ever before, particularly in Victoria where games will no longer be broadcast on FTA Television on Saturday afternoons.

Telstra paid approximately $300 Million to secure AFL Digital Rights for the next 6 years. Under the terms of deal Telstra is also prevented from providing any Live AFL coverage via the Telstra TV app.

The Telstra AFL, NRL and Netball Live Passes are now free for all eligible Telstra mobile customers. Telstra customers can use the apps without it affecting their data limits.

Non-Telstra customers need to pay to view content in the apps, with the AFL and Netball apps costing AU$13 per month, or AU$15 for NRL.

The cheapest price package to access Sport including all AFL and NRL games via Foxtel Play is now $29 per month.