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The Lin Family Massacre - Sunday Night returns this weekend

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It was Australia’s most horrific family massacre.

In one unthinkable night in 2009, in a middle class suburban house on Sydney’s leafy north shore, five members of Brenda Lin’s family were bludgeoned to death in their bedrooms.

Brenda’s mum, Lily. Her father, Min. Her little brothers, Henry and Terry, and her aunt, Irene.

Brenda was just 15, the sole survivor. And her ordeal was far from over. Brenda had no idea that the man she turned to for help and a safe roof to live under had murdered her entire family – her uncle Robert Xie.

Nearly two years after the brutal and calculated murders, Brenda’s uncle is arrested. But justice would take years. His first and second trials were aborted, the third ended in a hung jury and he was released on bail. In January this year, the jury in the fourth trial finally convicted Robert Xie of the five murders. He will never be released from jail.

Sunday Night returns for 2017 with this special report as Brenda Lin confronts for the first time the awful truth about what happened and why.

This terrible tragedy is also a story about love and hope. How a young girl who lost her entire family has managed to emerge a strong, kind and grateful woman – determined to make her beloved parents proud.

Sunday Night’s Melissa Doyle is with Brenda as she embarks on a pilgrimage to China, to retrace her family’s past. And we hear for the first time from those closest to Brenda – the ‘family’ who rescued her.

This SUNDAY NIGHT Special Report hosted by Melissa Doyle airs on Sunday at 8.30pm on Seven and PLUS7 Live.