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Mason's Law - This week on 60 Minutes

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Mason Parker’s life was as short as it was tragic. At just 16 months of age he was beaten to death in his own home by his mother’s boyfriend, a despicable man called Troy Reed. It was a cruel and cowardly crime made even worse because warning signs the toddler was being abused were ignored.

Days before his death, staff at Mason’s day care centre noticed suspicious bruising on his body. They discussed it with his mother, Cindy Sandeman, but unbelievably neither took any further action to protect the little boy. Even more inexplicable is what Ms Sandeman did in the days after her baby son’s death. As detectives were investigating the crime, Troy Reed asked her to marry him, and she accepted! Her actions are something Mason’s grandparents cannot forget or forgive. They have disowned their daughter and dedicated their lives to making sure their precious grandson’s death wasn’t for nothing.

Reporter: Allison Langdon   Producer: Steve Jackson



Thirty-year-old Ross Chapman is probably both the unluckiest man in the world – and the luckiest. He was alone in his boat fishing 40 kilometres off the northern coast of Western Australia, far out of sight of land, when the unthinkable happened. He fell overboard into shark-infested waters. Fear turned to panic when he tried but failed to swim back to his boat. He then watched what he thought was his only hope for survival motor off over the horizon. No one knew Ross was in trouble, let alone where he was, but an incredible series of chance events led to an unlikely and remarkable rescue.

Reporter: Ross Coulthart   Producer: Garry McNab



It’s a brave man who ventures into the competitive world of women’s fashion magazines, so when Liam Bartlett was given this assignment it was with some trepidation that he pressed his nicest slacks, put on his best blazer, moisturised, and sashayed off. He had to scrub up because he was meeting Laura Brown and Jo Elvin, the editors-in-chief of two of the world’s glossiest and most influential magazines. And of course, they’re both Australians. In a cut-throat business where print circulations and revenues are falling, these two women are somehow reversing the trend, and the titles they head, InStyle (USA) and Glamour (UK), are thriving. But if you’re expecting something out of the movie The Devil Wears Prada you are only half right, because there’s a whole lot more to the business of beauty mags than just champers and Chanel.

Reporter: Liam Bartlett   Producer: Stefanie Sgroi