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The UnReal Housewives Podcast with Nic & Molk - Episode 3

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JOIN Nic & Molk as they psycho-analyse the Oldfields and their relationship as the highlight(!) of this episode of the Real Housewives of Sydney. Also ART ATTACK!

Matty's still upset - and understandably so - with Athena X after Victoria's party and that's the broad tone of the episode, other than the deconstruction of the WORST DATE MEAL ever with Lisa's Dad and her niece as witnesses.

To counter this we get to have the BEST conversation with Tim the Gallery Owner about Athena X and her art. Like AMAZE. So proud (just get rid of the cravat, eh?).

Oh, and by the way, we're off to the Whitsundays next week too.


There's lots covered and we want to hear all about it from you over on the  UnReal Housewives Podcast with Nic & Molk page on Facebook. Thanks for listening - we really dig that you're loving our rants as much as we are.  :)