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REVIEW: Wentworth - Season 5

ReviewNikole Gunn

Image - Foxtel

Let’s cut out the middleman and just hand over every Logie award to the cast and crew of Wentworth.  No need for the public to have their say, just hand them over. 

There will be no spoilers, but this show has demonstrated that it can overcome the potential loss of a major character with barely a misstep. 

The strength of the writing, the character development and the acting means that there is a wealth of storylines to propel the show beyond season five.

Now, if you’ve seen the promos running on Foxtel’s Showcase, you’ll know that revenge plays a significant part in the season ahead.  And there’s a lot to be avenged.

Premiering on Tuesday April 4th, season five picks up just days after the stabbing death of Bea Smith at the hands of Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) aka The Freak.

The prison is in turmoil with the women of Wentworth struggling to cope with Bea’s death.  Governor Vera Bennett (Kate Atkinson) is struggling to maintain control.  She turns to her deputy Jake (Bernard Curry) not yet realising his strings are being pulled by Ferguson.

This is all played out against the backdrop of the Freak’s return to the general prison population, still protesting that she’s been ‘set up’ and ‘dark forces’ are at play.

But will they believe her?  Does the mistrust and anger run so deep within the four walls of Wentworth that ‘jail justice’ could be at hand?

How can you not get hooked???

Throw actors like Sigrid Thornton into the mix and you know, the twelve episodes of season five will be every bit as dramatic and addictive as in previous seasons.

I can’t wait.

Season Five of Wentworth premiers on Foxtel’s showcase channel on Tuesday, April 4 at 8.30pm AEST.