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The UnReal Housewives Podcast with Nic & Molk - Episode 5

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WHO WANTS TO BUY A PAINTING? It's finally time for Athena X's gallery showing at Olsen Irwin but first(!) we've got to deal with Melissa looking for a nanny and Matty trying to convince her partner they should get a dog... buy 'test-driving' 7 of them.

Good lord. The bitches, they are everywhere.

When Lisa gets home David proves himself to be the most confusing person ever, by simultaneously being a complete turd and also caring enough to arrange counselling. Talk about your classic mixed messages. No wonder Lisa unloads when given the opportunity at the gallery when she walks into a shitstorm of Athena X proportions.

Like... what the actual what?! It gets off the charts, and it doesn't help that Molk already had his cranky pants on...


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