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The UnReal Housewives Podcast with Nic & Molk - Episode 2

PodcastsSteve Molk

HOLY CRAP! Just when you thought we couldn't beat last week, then Victoria decides to hold a white party and Lisa turns up like a ninja and Matty arcs up and IT IS LITERALLY THE BEST.

The insights we get in this episode are incredible, and covered at length by Nic & Molk in this fun new podcast ep.

We go to strange new places and there's lots to discuss - so have a listen, then swing by the UnReal Housewives podcast with Nic & Molk page on Facebook and tell us what you think!

Just beware... your IQ will need to be higher than room temperature...


(P.S. Something went wrong with Nic's mic around the 50 minute mark and we didn't realise until afterwards - but you can still hear her in Molk's mic - and we'll have it sorted for next week... Sorry!)