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The UnReal Housewives Podcast with Nic & Molk - episode 8

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SINGAPORE PAYS OFF! Well, it does once we get through all the boring bits that lead up to it (Krissy's dog walk - not a thing).

There's *still* talk of Lizzie Buttrose ruining/enhancing Victoria's launch; there's some time at the polo; and Melissa's modelling shoot with Daniel Boey turns out to be a lot less than we expected... but that doesn't matter, because we're in Singapore, baby!

Mumma Nicole can barely contain her embarrassment at what goes on, and rightly so. Right in the middle of Spago, on the 57th floor of some amazing hotel or whatever. Athena X does it again (without Lisa, who's down & out with the runs) and stirs up all sorts of trouble aimed squarely at Victoria. There's napkins and multiple drinks thrown, and better yet promises of more to come next week!


Nic & Molk look to Matty for some guidance and excellent commentary as this first part of the Singapore trip gets everyone in a sling.


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