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The UnReal Housewives Podcast with Nic & Molk - Episode 6

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Surely Matty's Persian party will solve all the ills and allow all the ladies to get on with their lives? NOPE. Of course all of it feeds out of the blow up at Athena X's showing at Olsen Irwin, however that's not enough. Melissa's upset, Lisa's upset, and for some reason Athena's upset with everyone else because of her own behaviour.

THEN we are gifted the most amazing meltdown we've seen in the Real Housewives franchise history.

Sweet Jesus, it's amazing.

And all this is before we acknowledge Mumma Nicole's complete meltdown (in two parts!). "8 and a half carats!" AND we haven't even started on Victoria's discoveries about her family (which, look, to be fair aren't all that interesting).

Nic and Molk nearly have no words, and then they have all the words which are contained in this podcast. So hopefully you enjoy it as much as they both did in recording it.


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