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The UnReal Housewives Podcast with Nic & Molk - episode 9

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EVEN MORE SINGAPORE and while that will mean lots of amazing views and so forth it somehow also means horrible fights and delicious crazy.

The back end of the Singers trip has lots of fluff go on however it's the implosion of Lisa & Athena X's  friendship that's front and centre (oh, and apparently something something Victoria's half-sister Lucy).

There is some amazing lines and snark from all corners however both Molk & Nic see it building to the season finale next week with some kind of blow-up about Victoria either attached to Mumma Nicole's charity event or at the final cast dinner for the season. Who is still friends? Have Krissy & Lisa kissed and made up? Is everyone now against Victoria? WHO EVEN KNOWS?!


Nic & Molk are both agog at the behaviour of many of the ladies (especially Molk - who now has a new name for Athena X).


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