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TRAILER: True Story with Hamish & Andy

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True Story with Hamish & Andy
Image - Nine

Australia will discover that truth is most certainly funnier than fiction when True Story with Hamish & Andy premieres on the Nine Network in the coming months.

In this brand new, original format, Hamish and Andy sit down with everyday Aussies who recount their hilarious true stories.

They’re the type of tales that are told time and time again, down at the pub or at parties, and have left people aghast, astonished, amused, or all of the above.

“The show captures us hearing these stories for the very first time, so it’s exciting to think people at home will be having the exact same reactions as us on screen,” Hamish said.

“I hope they don’t have the exact same reactions,” Andy added. “Cause you laughed so much in one episode that snot came out.”

Everyone has a mate who can tell that all-time, crowd-killing story.

But not everyone can say their mate’s story has been brought to life in a full cinematic experience.  Until now.

Some of Australia’s best known actors have come together to recreate the amazing tales of these ordinary people and create a most extraordinary piece of television.

Presented in two parts, Australia will experience the first five episodes of True Story with Hamish & Andy in the not-too-distant future, with the final five episodes airing later this year.