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Was last nights Bondi Rescue the best hour of TV in 2017?

OpinionKevin Perry
  Singlets  Image - Ten

Image - Ten

During the past 12 seasons of Bondi Rescue, viewers have witnesses numerous impressive rescues from the dangerous waters surrounding Bondi Beach. But none of that compares with the gripping drama presented during last nights episode.

What starts off as a normal day for the lifeguards ends in tragedy when Jethro spots a group of five swimmers struggling in the notorious section of the beach known as backpackers’ rip.

Singlets, one of the strongest lifeguards in the service with close to a decade of experience, is the first to paddle out and finds an unconscious woman in the water.

Singlets says: “I remember coming over the last wave and what I saw next absolutely shocked me to the core. I just thought to myself, ‘I am going to have to draw on every little bit of skill, every little bit of training to get this woman in because there’s no other option’.”  

Wally is next to paddle out and attends to another swimmer in trouble. Corey is not far behind, racing to get to a man who is even further out.  When Corey reaches him, he is shocked to discover the man is unconscious, face down and showing no signs of life.

These two swimmers, a man and a woman, are from the same Norwegian family on holiday in Australia. Fighting a dangerous rip, it is a bitter struggle for these highly skilled lifeguards to get the man and woman back to shore to begin resuscitation.

Kerrbox, the most senior lifeguard on duty with 20 years of experience, waits on the beach and prepares the defibrillator. Desperate to save the two people, the determined and courageous lifeguards do not give up hope.

This episode of Bondi Rescue is available for catch-up now on tenplay