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Proof of God or an elaborate hoax? - This week on Sunday Night

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A statue that cries tears and weeps blood. Communion wafers that inexplicably transform into blood and flesh. Physical evidence of a divine presence? Or an elaborate hoax? To the faithful there is no question. To men of science, an intriguing mystery. Veteran reporter Mike Willesee has spent the past two decades investigating the truth behind a series of confounding happenings in churches around the world. It’s an investigation with all the ingredients of a Dan Brown thriller – exotic and dangerous locations, supernatural events, skulduggery in the Church. In Argentina and Mexico, blood and flesh mysteriously appeared on communion wafers. In Bolivia, a statue of the son of God appeared to weep tears and blood. Mike will reveal the results of his 20-year investigation in this Sunday Night major investigation, using microscopic samples and the very latest in forensic technology to answer the biggest question of all. Believer or sceptic, you’ll be stunned by what’s uncovered.



Sunday Night’s Melissa Doyle is taking a plunge. She’s off on an exciting and perilous journey into the deep unknown – to an unexplored world beneath the sea. It’s a treasure hunt on a grand scale, a search for untold mineral wealth happening in our deepest oceans. We’ve been given unprecedented access to China’s deep-sea exploration program. It’s a search that will reveal fantastic creatures and scientific wonders. It could also provide clues about the very beginning of life on earth. And everyone wants a piece of the action. Four kilometres under water, it is one of the most dangerous places on the planet, where one mistake could mean disaster.

This edition of SUNDAY NIGHT hosted by Melissa Doyle airs on Sunday at 7.00pm on Seven and PLUS7 Live