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The UnReal Housewives Podcast with Nic & Molk - Episode 7

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OMG! Just when you were thinking "How are they going to top the Persian party blowup of last week?", we then get delivered the amazingness that is Victoria's product launch cum charity fundraiser that somehow Athena X & Lisa get to spoil without even being present (thanks Lizzie Buttrose!).

At least Melissa features a little more, as she and Krissy "audition" some new singers for a "tour" that she's "planning".

The King of Double Bay Joh Bailey features in both the planning for Victoria's party and as the drunk auctioneer, and the survival course that Lisa shows off is too much for Matty who has to get involved (after cocktails and in Lisa's Gucci boots).

The controversy of the party and the "disinviting" of Lisa and Athena X is the major prompt for the controversy, courtesy Lizzie. Let's be frank, though - Victoria is a class one cow.

Nic & Molk stare aghast into the void and unload on "Queen V", her mindless minions, and the evil stepsisters who didn't make the party and tried to ruin it for everyone.


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