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What's New In Streaming For The Next Seven Days

TV GuideLeah Rocke

Streaming Guide May 12 – May 18


Master of None: Season 2 (Netflix, May 12)

The second season of Master of None picks up three months after the first season finale. Dev (Aziz Ansari) is in Modena, Italy finishing his pasta making apprenticeship, and returns to New York at the end of episode 2. The second season takes Dev through the question of religion, getting back into the New York dating scene, and trying to find the next perfect meal. Do not watch on an empty stomach



I Love Dick (Amazon Prime Video, May 12)

Adapted from the cult classic, I Love Dick is set in a colourful intellectual community in Marfa, Texas. Chris (Kathryn Hahn, Transparent) and Sylvere (Griffin Dunne, Dallas Buyers Club), arrive in Marfa when Sylvere is offered a fellowship to finish a book he’s been writing on the Holocaust. When they meet Dick (Kevin Bacon), he taunts their imaginations and upends their preconceptions about love and monogamy. An exploration of the female gaze and how we tell stories about love and desire, I Love Dick charts the evolution of a marriage, the awakening of an artist and the deification of a writer named Dick.



This Isn’t Funny (Stan, May 15)

Eliot (Katie Page) and Jamie (Paul Ashton) are experts in self-sabotage. After they meet, their chemistry is undeniable, so the only sensible response seems to be running in the opposite direction. But sometimes meeting the right person at the wrong time can be the best thing that ever happened to you.



Fargo: Season 3, Episode 1 (SBS On Demand, Available Now)

Oh yah, the third season premiere of Fargo is available on SBS OnDemand ahead of its television premiere next week. In 2010, a petty rivalry between two brothers (both played by Ewan McGregor) escalates and brings chaos to a small Minnesotan community.



Weekly Episodes

Riverdale: Season 1, Episode 13 – Finale (Netflix, May 12)
RuPaul’s Drag Race: Season 9, Episode 8 (Stan, May 13)
RuPaul’s Drag Race: Untucked: Season 9, Episode 8 (Stan, May 14)
The Real Housewives of Sydney: Reunion (Foxtel Play/Foxtel Go, May 14)
American Gods: Season 1, Episode 3 (Amazon Prime Video, May 15)
Shots Fired: Episode 6 (Foxtel Play/Foxtel Go, May 15)
Better Call Saul: Season 3, Episode 6 (Stan, May 16)
Angie Tribeca: Season 3, Episode 6 (Stan, May 16)
Wentworth: Season 5, Episode 7 (Foxtel Play/Foxtel Go, May 16)
iZombie: Season 3, Episode 7 (Stan, May 17)
Designated Survivor: Season 1, Episodes 21 & 22 (Netflix, May 18)



Stand-up Comedy

Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive (Netflix, May 16)





Full Seasons

Anne with an E: Season 1 (Netflix, May 12)
All Hail King Julien: Exiled: Season 1 (Netflix, May 12)
Every Witch Way: Season 2 (Stan, May 12)
Go, Diego, Go!: Season 3 (Stan, May 12)
Doctor Blake: Seasons 1-3 (Stan, May 15)
Key & Peele: Seasons 2-5 (Stan, May 16)
Workaholics: Season 6 (Stan, May 18)




Mindhorn (Netflix, May 12)
Sahara (Netflix, May 12)
Get Me Roger Stone (Netflix, May 12)
Revolutionary Road (Netflix, May 12)
Untraceable (Netflix, May 12)
The Cup (2011) (Stan, May 12)
There Will Be Blood (Stan, May 12)
Fame (2009) (Stan, May 12)
The Yards (Stan, May 12)
Time Kid (Stan, May 12)
Hedwig & the Angry Inch (Stan, May 13)
Zoolander (Stan, May 13)
Garden State (Stan, May 13)
The Devil’s Advocate (Netflix, May 14)
The Notebook (Stan, May 14)
Chicago (Stan, May 14)
The English Patient (Stan, May 14)
Shall We Dance? (2004) (Stan, May 14)
Serendipity (Stan, May 14)
The Iron Lady (Stan, May 14)
Stephen King’s A Good Marriage (Netflix, May 15)
A Little Help (Netflix, May 15)
After the Ball (Netflix, May 15)
Born to Win (Netflix, May 15)
Cold in July (Netflix, May 15)
Remember (Netflix, May 15)
The Quiet Ones (Netflix, May 15)
Septembers of Shiraz (Stan, May 15)
The Others (Stan, May 15)
Death of a Corrupt Man (Stan, May 15)
The Tunnel (Stan, May 15)
Fantastic Mr. Fox (Netflix, May 16)
Frank Miller’s Sin City (Stan, May 16)
Cop Land (Stan, May 16)
The Station Agent (Stan, May 16)
Everest (Stan, May 17)
Little Voice (Stan, May 17)
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (Stan, May 17)
Asura: The City of Madness (Stan, May 17)
House of Wax (2005) (Stan, May 18)
Starsky and Hutch (Stan, May 18)