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RECAP: Wentworth S05E08 - Think Inside The Box

RecapNikole Gunn

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After the roller coaster ride of the previous two episodes, this week’s Wentworth offering was a somewhat more ‘subdued’ affair. But it sets us up nicely for the final two episodes of the season.


So, here are a few of the away points from Think Inside The Box:

1.   The Freak may have met her match in Sonia Stevens (Sigrid Thornton), who’s shaping up as a powerful figure at Wentworth.

2.   The jig might be up for Jake Stewart.  Will knows he’s the dirty officer, but isn’t yet aware of the ties that bind him to The Freak

3.   The Freak is still freakishly menacing

4.   Franky and Bridget’s relationship is ultimately at the heart of this episode and provides the emotional crescendo.

So, what does it all mean?  Where does Wentworth take us in episode 8?



Sonia is pushing ahead with the Green Wall project with Boomer as her right hand woman.  At first she rejects the Freak’s offer to ‘do business’ and allow the workshop to be used to bring in drugs.

“Now why would you imagine that I’d risk bringing your contraband through my workshop.  I understand you have your business Joan, but I won’t have you ruining mine”

“You’re assuming you have a choice’

“This workshop is my domain.  So, I acknowledge your offer and I respectfully decline”.

Its clear Sonia is about the only one who isn’t intimated by Fergusson. Where everyone backs off, she stands her ground.  But then again, they’re both killers and maybe ‘like recognises like’.


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It’s something Fergusson addresses in a later confrontation with Sonia, who’s already verbally destroyed Lizzie after the Green Wall project was initially canned.

Despite being warned that Sonia ‘doesn’t respond well to intimidation’, the Freak tries another tack and appeals to a ‘kindred spirit’.

“It’s important for you to be in control, isn’t it?  I understand that.  I understand you better than anyone.  I think we share several qualities.  That garden project isn’t just about status and power, is it? It’s a distraction….  I heard about your little outburst earlier”.

“Failure’s not an option.  I won’t let anyone stand in my way”.

 “But one day, someone will.  They will get in your way and then those primal urges will kick in and once again, you’re going to have blood on your hands. (They both look at Liz)

 When that time comes, you’re going to need someone you can rely on.  I see you for who you are and I respect it.  I understand it.  We could be very useful allies.  So do we have a deal?”

The deal is indeed done.  And it revolves around the Green Wall project being a ‘going concern’. Derek Channing has gone back on his decision to can the project, but only after Allie blackmails him (she was one of the girls working in his brothel: they called him Golden Showers).


The Freak sees the Green Wall as a way to make drugs money; Allie and Franky see it as a way of escaping Wentworth.

The one obstacle to the Freak’s business empire is Will Jackson, who just knows as officer is involved, but now has more than just ‘gut instinct’ to go on.

Allie has told Kaz that she once got drugs from Officer Jake Stewart and the penny drops. Kaz reveals all to Will.

“Allie told me Stewart gave her drugs a while back”.

“Jake.  Are you sure”?

“I don’t know if it was a one off.. but it sounds like he’s got form”.

Instinctively, Will knows not to go to Vera – basically because she wants hard evidence for a drugs search of the staff.  It’s costly after all.


So, he tests Jake, hinting that he’s going on a date and needs ‘something’ for the occasion, but Jake’s not biting.

“I don’t do that any more. Too risky”.

But, when Will turns up for work the next day; he finds some hard-core drugs in his locker.  And what a surprise, there’s an unannounced search of staff.


He manages to get rid of the drugs, but only just.  He’s dodged the bullet, but only just.  Of course, the search comes up empty and he casually asks Vera why she changed her mind about calling in the search crew.

“What made you change your mind”?

“I told Mr Stewart about your suspicions and he agreed that we should look into it.  I should have ignored the pair of you.  Next time I’ll trust my own gut instinct”.

So that all but confirms his suspicions about The Freak getting a helping hand from someone on ‘the inside’.  He confronts Jake in the bathroom.

“You set me up, didn’t ya”.

“What are you talking about”?

“You tried it once with the piss test, you mother f****r.  You stole my job, then you tried to get me arrested… You might have fooled Vera …. I’m onto you, you f**king arsehole”.

 Will’s unwittingly struck the nail on the head.  Jake has fooled Vera, but their relationship is finally revealed with Bridget stumbling on their cosy little set-up.


She’s been having a hard time of it with Franky back behind bars and out of her reach.  She’s been drinking and not coping with the growing friendship between Franky and Allie.

Of course, Joan is there to stir the pot and hone in on her insecurities.

“I think you’re wasting your time.  She’s already moved on.  I just saw her in the laundry with Novak. 

They were chewing at each other.  Like animals.  Didn’t take her long to trade up to a younger more attractive model, did it”?


And even though Franky assures her she’s not hooking up with Allie, Bridget can’t bring herself to trust Franky and instead turns to the bottle.

After Lizzie accuses her of being pissed at work

“You don’t know what you’re talking about”.

“Oh trust me love, I know everything there is to know about secret drinking.  I wrote the frigging book”.

So, Bridget turns up at Vera’s place and reveals she can’t cope any more and that’s when Jake walks in with a version of ‘Hi honey, I’m home’.  Awkward.

She leaves and then next day she hands in her resignation, telling Franky she needs to make a clean break for both their sakes.  She picks up her box of belongings and walks out the door.


Her decision leaves Franky devastated and she turns to Allie, who rejects her advances saying ‘it’s too soon’.

The credits roll as Franky howls her pain.


So, my predictions for the final two episodes:

Jake Stewart is outed as a jerk and Joan’s lap dog.

Sonia and Joan have an uneasy alliance: one of them has to go full psycho. 

Franky and Allie finally make their escape; perhaps in those wooden boxes in the gardening workshop.

Boomer becomes Top Dog.  OK, that one’s a stretch, but we can hope, right??