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RECAP: Wentworth S05E09 - Snakehead

RecapNikole Gunn

Pamela Rabe is Joan Ferguson
Image - Foxtel

The pieces are beginning to fall into place as we near the end of season five of Wentworth. Yet there’s still plenty of story to tell.

We don’t see much of The Freak in “Snakehead” but she casts a very long shadow over the prison and its inhabitants and, ultimately, she’s the one calling the shots.

The episode primarily focuses on the Jake-Will-Vera triangle along with Franky and Allie and their escape plans.

Throw in Liz Birdsworth on the verge of a breakdown and the mysterious new inmate, Imam, and we have an episode that powers along at break neck speed.

It picks up where we left off last week.  Will Jackson is determined to expose Jake as the dirty officer, who’s up to his neck in the drugs trade. 

But this will mean convincing Vera that Jake isn’t what he seems.  That’s a big job, given that Will isn’t yet aware of their ‘special’ relationship. Yet.

So, he turns to Kaz Proctor to help him bring down Jake and it means having her dragged out of her bed in the middle of the night for a ‘secret meeting’.

She suggests he visit the Governor and let her know what’s going on, but even Will knows that’s a long shot.

“You were right. Stuart’s the dirty officer.  He tried to set me up…”
“Tell the Governor”
“There’s no point without proof.  And she thinks he’s a f**king Golden boy”.

What he needs is for someone to support his story. Someone who has first hand experience of Jake’s drug connections. 

And that would be Allie.

Kaz is not happy.  She doesn’t want to drag Allie into this drama. He pressures her, but she resists

“I’m not going to put her in the firing line. Don’t ask me to do that…. Tell the governor.  She trusts you.  Please do that.  We’ll keep Allie out of this”.

So, that’s the plan of attack.  Will is to go and speak to Vera and lay it on the line.  But Jake gets there first and sows the seeds of distrust in Vera’s mind.

It starts innocently enough. 

She asks how Fergusson has been behaving.  Who she’s been talking to etc etc

But then Jake goes to work at undermining Will, suggesting that he has an axe to grind because he’s ‘jealous’.

“Look, I don’t know if it’s the brawler accident, but Will has been on edge lately.  He had a real crack at me yesterday.  Got a bit aggro”.
“What about?”
“His filthy about being demoted”.
“There’s got to be more to it than that”.
“Blames me for taking his job”
“Did he say that”?
“I reckon he’s about to pop his cork”.

And of course Vera doesn’t question it or his motives. She’s been blinded by the attention he’s been showering her with.

So, he’s well and truly poisoned the well by the time Will knocks on her door to have a chat.  He blurts out Jake’s name, but of course she’s not buying it. 

“Will, is it possible that you’re obsessing over this….Normally I would trust you, but this is patently absurd. 

This kind of allegation ends careers.  And so far, you haven’t offered a shred of evidence”.

So, he has to offer up Allie as his proof of Jake’s guilt even though he sort of promised Kaz that he wouldn’t drag her into the whole mess.

Unwittingly, she tips off Jake that one of the women has something on him.  She relays her conversation with Will and what does he do?  He goes running to the Freak for help.

“I have a problem.  Will Jackson told Vera I’m dirty”.
“She won’t believe it.  Not if you’ve done your job properly”.
“He’s convinced one of the women to come forward as a witness.  Shit. Novak”
“Leave her to me”.

And you just know if Joan takes a personal interest in something it’s not going to end. And it doesn’t.

Allie agrees to tell Vera everything she knows about Jake and his shady dealings.  But then Franky discovers a packet of photos on her bed.

They’re of her baby sister and the implication is clear – you say something and the kid gets it.  Even if that kid technically has nothing to do with Allie.

Kaz reassures her that sisterhood of the Red Hand will look out for the little girl. She’ll be safe.  No one will get to her. But with Franky freaking out, she has a change of mind.

In the Governor’s office, she is less than ‘helpful’ to the cause.  In fact, she pretty much stuffs things up for Will.

She leaves him swinging in the breeze and changes her story. She was off her face and ‘can’t remember’ who gave her the drugs.

“You know exactly who it is.  You told Proctor”.
“Sorry, I can’t remember”.
“Who are you afraid of?”
“No one”
“Then tell her.  Tell her”
“Mr Jackson, I can handle this.  Has someone been threatening you”?

So, Allie has lied to protect Franky’s little sis and they push ahead with their escape plans, which now involve Franky’s dad, a plumber.


After get him plans to the prison’s sewer system, dead old dad smuggles in a walkie-talkie, which will become key to their escape plan.

How that will eventuate, we’ll have to wait and see… but we’re running out of time.

Meantime, Lizzie Birdsworth is starting to come apart at the seams.  She gets a visit from ‘some detective’. 

But it’s not Dodgy Don Kaplan.  This Detective is investigating his disappearance.  Apparently he’s gone on stress leave, but no one can find him.

Liz immediately suspects the worst and is convinced the Sonia has done away with him.  And looking back, she may have.  Things are deliberately ‘murky’ on that point.  Did she kill him?  Or did he get away?

It doesn’t help that anything Sonia says can take on a sinister tone.  She invites Liz back to the garden project with the comment “I like to keep my friends close”.

She doesn’t say it, but you know Sonia is just thinking ‘and my enemies closer’.

In some ways, she’s probably as equally ominous and threatening as her new ‘partner in crime’, Joan.  But we may have to wait until next week to see how that relationship plays out.

So, Liz is frazzled and tormented by nightmares that Sonia is responsible for Don’s death and says as much to Vera.

“I know she did it”
“Did what, Liz.”
“Killed Detective Kaplan.  And I’m going to prove it”

Again, we’ll have to wait to see how that plays out.  But it seems Liz is throwing caution to the wind and that carelessness could cost her big time.

Vera has also been a bit careless.  She tells Jake that she needs to be upfront with Will about their living arrangements.  But of course, before she gets a chance; Jake gets there first.

“You might have sucked in Vera, but I know you’re a lying prick, Jakey”.
“How’s that going to work, big fella.  Vera and I are living together.  Yes.  I’m f**king Vera.  I’m Teflon mate.  You can’t touch me”.

The penny has dropped for Will Jackson.  He gets it now.  Jake has been one step ahead of him thanks to the unwitting Vera Bennett.

He warns her that Jake will turn on her once he’s done with using her.  And neither has yet realised who is the puppet master in all this.

And as for the mysterious Iman/Imam (I must be going deaf, I can’t get her name).  Franky is helping with her ‘case’ we don’t know much about what happened other than she was being trolled online and did something about it.

She’s allowed Internet access to find evidence of this trolling and find out that Mike Penissi was a friend of Iman/Imam!!!! 

The plot has officially thickened.  And it thickens even more when she’s shown holding Franky’s missing red kite necklace.

How is she involved? Did she kill Mike?  Was she obsessed with him and unhappy that he was obsessed with Franky??  Whattttt??? 

My little brain is about to explode and we’ve still got a lot to get through before season five reaches its conclusion.

And again I ask; Bea Smith? Who’s Bea Smith.  Wentworth has well and truly demonstrated the exit of a major character.