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Mark Latham set for Sky News return, or is he?

NewsKevin Perry

Mark Latham
image - Sky News

EXCLUSIVE: It’s not much more than 3 months since he was sacked from his role as host on conservative discussion program The Outsiders, but Mark Latham appears to be making somewhat of a return to the Sky News Channel.

Latham took to social media over the weekend to announce he would be appearing on four Sky News programs during the next seven days.

According to Latham, he is scheduled to appear on Paul Murray Live on Monday night, Jones & Co on Tuesday night, The Bolt Report on Thursday night, and most interestingly he promised he would be returning to The Outsiders program he once hosted next Sunday morning.

Latham was given his marching orders from Sky News in March after he used The Outsiders program to attack a group of Sydney Boys High School students, labelling them ‘dickheads’ and ‘gay’ after the students produced a video promoting feminism causes.

The incident was the final straw for Sky News management, which had previously attempted to defend Latham during a series embarrassing and demeaning incidents during his time at the channel.

DeciderTV understands the decision to allow Latham to appear on The Outsiders has now been reversed. A move made after this website questioned if it was appropriate for him to appear on the show so soon after he was previously sacked. Latham will however still appear on Paul Murray Live, Jones & Co, and The Bolt Report this week.

A spokesperson for Sky News defended allowing Latham back on these programs telling DeciderTV,

"Mark Latham is due to appear as a political guest in his role as a member of the Liberal Democrats. He has been appearing on The Bolt Report in this capacity.”

However, the spokesperson went on to make it clear the network had no intentions of making Latham a permanent fixture on the channel.

“Mark Latham does not work for Sky News. There are no plans to rehire Mark Latham."

Announcing his sacking in March, Sky News chief executive officer Angelo Frangopoulos said:

"While we support strong opinions and robust arguments, we pride ourselves in doing so in a civil and respectful manner."