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Brand new line-up for ABC NEWS

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Patricia Karvelas hosts National Wrap
Image - ABC

In 2018 ABC NEWS channel, the most-watched 24-hour breaking news service, is doubling down on its commitment to provide Australia’s best and most trusted live news, analysis, context and discussion, delivered by our respected journalists and with an exciting new prime-time line-up.

Starting Monday 29 January, 9:00pm AEDT becomes appointment viewing time seven nights a week for a deep dive into the big stories and issues.

Launching in the timeslot this year, Stan Grant hosts Matter of Fact Monday-Thursday, with a best-of program on Saturdays. On Fridays, Chas Licciardello and John Barronfeed your US politics addiction with the return of Planet America in a longer 45-minute format. And every Sunday Patricia Karvelas picks apart the issues consuming the nation in National Wrap, also new in 2018.

ABC Director, News Gaven Morris said it was the channel’s biggest shake-up since its July 2010 launch.

ABC NEWS channel specialises in facts, not opinions, and the changes we are introducing this year strengthen that focus,” Morris said.

In a complex and dynamic world, Australians want to know they are getting the best and most accurate news and information, from a source they can rely on, as it happens.”

With Australia’s largest network of journalists in 56 locations around the country, the best political journalism team, and peerless foreign correspondents based in 11 overseas bureaux, ABC NEWS is Australia’s leading live news channel.

Julia Baird hosts The Drum
Image - ABC

ABC NEWS channel will also draw on the resources of two newly-formed teams: ABC Investigations, Australia’s largest dedicated investigative daily news team, and the Specialist Reporting Team, which brings in-depth knowledge to a range of core rounds.

Reaching an average of 3.4 million people every week (metro + regional), it is the place Australians turn when major news breaks at home or abroad, to see the latest developments unfold and have their impact explained.

In Matter of Fact, award-winning journalist, author and commentator Stan Grant brings audiences the essential information they need to separate facts from fiction on the important issues of the day, with analysis and key interviews. The program will also feature regular contributors covering the economy, technology, history, music and the arts.

There is too much opinion for opinion’s sake, too much public debate that is just about who can shout the longest or loudest,” Grant says.

Australians are smart people who are tapped into the world. Matter of Factwill respect that intelligence, not just stoke more anger. If you think you know something, then think again – that’s what I want this show to be about.”

On Saturdays, Matter of Fact This Week will feature highlights of the week’s best conversations.

In National Wrap, top journalist and RN Drive presenter Patricia Karvelas hosts a sharp, interview-based national affairs program that will set the agenda for the week. Topics ranging from reconciliation and the republic to students’ performance in schools will be interrogated by experts and leaders in their fields.

Audiences are increasingly looking for context and explanation – National Wrap provides it,” Karvelas says. “You will see our most influential politicians and advocates cross-examined about their plans, going beyond the immediate news cycle to shine a light on the end game.

Particularly among younger audiences, there is often an assumption that politics and national affairs are dry or too dense. National Wrap makes the important topics accessible and relatable.”

Chas Licciardello & John Barron host Planet America
Image - ABC

Other highlights of the revamped 2018 schedule include an expanded 45-minute format for popular panel show The Drum, with Julia Baird and Ellen Fanning sharing hosting duties.

The Business moves to 9:45pm AEDT weeknights, with Elysse Morgan continuing to bring the key interviews with CEOs and other industry leaders.

Karina Carvalho, one of the ABC’s most talented news presenters, joins the presenting line-up 7:00pm-9:00pm AEDT on weekdays. After a new-look The World with Beverley O’ConnorYvonne Yong hosts a national news hour at 11pm from Melbourne, followed by more live national programming out of Perth.

From Saturday 3 February at 7:00am AEDT Andrew Geoghegan will be joined on Weekend Breakfast by new co-presenter Johanna Nicholson, with Miriam Corowapresenting across weekends and contributing to Indigenous and arts coverage.

The Schedule 2018
(all times AEDT)

6am-9am News Breakfast
9am-12pm Mornings with Joe O’Brien
12pm-3pm ABC News with Ros Childs
3pm-615pm Afternoons with Kirsten Aiken W-F/ Gemma Vaness (M-T)
615pm The Drum (New 45-minute format)
7pm: ABC National News
730pm: Regional/feature segments
8pm: National News Hour
9pm Matter of Fact with Stan Grant

9pm Fridays Planet America (new 45-minute format)
9pm Sundays The National Wrap with Patricia Karvelas

945pm The Business with Elysse Morgan
10pm The World with Beverley O’Connor
11pm National News Hour with Yvonne Yong
Midnight National 30 min News
1230pm (Replay) 7.30
1am National News 13 mins
115am (Replay) Matter of Fact
2am National News 13 mins
215am (Replay) The Drum