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Shaun Micallef's MAD AS HELL embracing the hell out of diversity

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Shaun Micallef's MAD AS HELL returns next Wednesday (31 Jan) at 8:30pm on ABC.

In a move guaranteed to prompt a flurry of poorly worded questions at the next Senate Estimates Committee, Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell returns in 2018 for its own record-breaking eighth season. Like a frenzied ape running amok in a museum of priceless Tiffany lamps, the Mad As team cleverly deconstructs Australian politics in the hope that it can be rebuilt into something more useful, like a giant Lithium battery, a climate policy that makes sense or perhaps an ashtray.

Stars Shaun Micallef, Roz Hammond, Emily Taheny, Stephen Hall and Tosh Greenslade - with special guest star Francis Greenslade as ‘Dr Smith’.


Shaun Micallef's MAD AS HELL - Season 8 premieres Wednesday 31 January at 8:30pm on ABC and ABC iview.