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REVIEW: Better Things - Another Non-Comedy From FX That's Good, But Could Be Better

ReviewMerrill Barr

During the course of Better Things’ first five episodes, someone goes on a rant about how hilarious Sam Fox is. However, this is something that never truly comes to fruition on screen.

Like so many FX comedies before it, including the network’s most recent launch, Atlanta, Better Things is a good story about a normal person trying to do the best she can in life, but to say it’s funny would be false.

REVIEW: Atlanta - FX's Latest Is Good on Drama, Not So Good on Comedy

ReviewMerrill Barr

Following the launch of Louie in 2010, comedy on television went through a drastic shift that saw it become popular to not actually be funny. However, these shows, while good, don’t fully fit on the other side of the spectrum as 30-minute dramas. Instead, they live somewhere in between - telling dramatic stories in off-beat ways while completely forgoing humor as a concept. In this context is where we find FX’s Atlanta.

REVIEW: Is there a DOCTOR DOCTOR in the house?

ReviewSteve Molk

Dr Hugh Knight (Rodger Corser) has a problem. Actually he's got more than one problem, but the biggest problem facing him is his ego.

As a successful heart surgeon in Sydney he's been living the high life and literally holding patient's lives in his hands. To help manage this daily reminder of mortality he parties as hard, ultimately leading to his undoing.

REVIEW: Queen of the South

ReviewNikole Gunn

There have been many movies and TV shows about drugs or the war on drugs. Most often they’re told from the law enforcement side of the business.  Occasionally from the other side of the law and almost always it’s the male perspective.

REVIEW: The Night Of

ReviewNikole Gunn

There’s a sense of dread when watching HBO’s new drama mini-series, The Night Of.  Not because it’s bad, far from it.  It’s an excellent piece of TV and exactly what we’d expect from HBO.