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AIRDATE: Contemporary thriller Thirteen

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Today is the day Ivy Moxham will escape from the cellar that's been her prison for the last 13 years. Today is the day she'll return to her home, to her family, to her life. Today is only the beginning…


BBC World News celebrates 25 years | @BBCWorld @Foxtel

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The award-winning 24-hour TV channel, BBC World News, is celebrating its 25th birthday this month and will mark its silver anniversary with a special on-screen look.

BBC World News is available in Australia via Foxtel and Fetch TV.

The English language channel originally launched with a half hour news bulletin as World Service Television (WSTV) on Monday 11th March 1991, when it replaced BBC TV Europe.  At the time it inherited 700,000 subscribers but nowadays the channel is available in 433 million households across the world.

Eight months later, WSTV became a 24 hour news operation and launched in Asia – the start of its rapid growth which would eventually see it become available in more than 200 countries and territories.

In 1995 it relaunched as BBC World before changing its name to BBC World News in 2008 and moving to a new 24/7 multi-platform building dubbed ‘the world’s news room’ in 2013.

The original news team comprised of six journalists from the World Service team and six from television news.  Today, BBC World News has access to the expertise of thousands of journalists based in over a hundred cities and state-of-the-art studios across the world.

Speaking about the anniversary, BBC Global News Ltd CEO Jim Egan said, “The world has changed dramatically for all of us in the past 25 years and so has the way we get news from the field to our viewers. But our commitment to providing accurate, impartial news of the highest quality to international audiences is unwavering. We’re proud that, in a world of great uncertainty and in a news industry which is every bit as volatile, BBC World News continues to grow and is the most trusted source of global television news available anywhere.”

The BBC's commercially funded international 24-hour English news platforms, are owned and operated by BBC Global News Ltd.  BBC World News television is available in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, and over 433 million households and 1.8 million hotel rooms. The channel's content is also available on 178 cruise ships, 53 airlines and 23 mobile phone networks.

During the 24 hour news cycle, BBC World News programmes are anchored from London, Singapore and Washington, complemented by rolling breaking news coverage and reports from journalists across the world. 



Comedy Central to launch New Channel in Australia

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Australians look set to have a new choice when it comes to TV comedy with Viacom set to launch a local version of Comedy Central in Australia.


Airdate: Acclaimed BBC Mini-Series War and Peace on BBC First | @Foxtel @BBCFirstAus

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The series began screening on BBC One in the UK Sunday night to critical acclaim and has been hailed as ‘breathtaking” by the UK’s Telegraph.


Airdate: UK Hit Drama - Doctor Foster | @BBCFirstAus @Foxtel

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Next week will see the arrival of the UK’s most successful new drama of 2015


Interview: Charlie and Lola celebrate 10 years on Television @Foxtel @FetchTV

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Charlie & Lola’s Best, Most Exciting 10th Birthday Marathon airing on CBeebies from 9am-4pm on August 15.

Charlie & Lola’s Best, Most Exciting 10th Birthday Marathon airing on CBeebies from 9am-4pm on August 15.

One of the most iconic, fun-loving, brother and sister duos of the 21st century, Charlie and Lola, is celebrating a decade of award-winning television this August in Australia with a special seven-hour TV marathon.

The series, which is based on the award-winning books by Lauren Child, has won the hearts of families across Australia, ranking in the top ten children’s programs for both CBeebies Australia and ABC Kids.


“The thing about Charlie and Lola is it has a really unique look,” said Henrietta Hurford-Jones, Director of Investment at CBeebies Global Channels when we spoke recently. “It was ground-breaking. It's fun loving. It's brother and sister heroes. All about siblings, which is a very nurturing thing and a very recognizable thing in a lot of pre-schoolers lives."


Henrietta Hurford-Jones, Director of Investment at CBeebies Global Channels. image - supplied/BBCWorldwide

Henrietta Hurford-Jones, Director of Investment at CBeebies Global Channels.
image - supplied/BBCWorldwide

The series focuses on Lola, a young girl who’s imagination is always leading her on wild adventures, and her older brother Charlie whom is always there to lend a hand. “Charlie is slightly more subversive and fun loving. He and his friends are aspirational for Lola but they're also helping to teach her and guide her through the pitfalls of a very young kid's life.”


The program is clearly adored by pre-schoolers “They are a stage where their imagination slightly run wild, you know, if you think back to when you were a kid. The things that you love are things like anything that puts you into that world of imagination Kids of that age, they're looking around them and everything is new and slightly dreamlike in a way,” says Hurford-Jones.


“They're comparing real like to imagination and dreams and this is all fun and it's encouraging that. We find that some research shows that it makes kids more resilient. It makes them more able to address life when they're nurtured in that way and they see things that reflect how they're feeling. It makes them feel comfortable about the way they're developing and feeling and gives them free reign in that respect, rather than stifling them and making them feel uncomfortable.”


Charlie may get a little bit frustrated at times by the hijinks of his younger sister but at the end of the day is always there to lend a hand, “I don't suppose we can all be lucky enough to have an older brother like Charlie, but he's an example to the older brothers that are watching him. Younger siblings are not so bad after all. They can be a bit annoying at times but really, they're quite fun and we do love them."


Charlie and Lola remain hugely popular around the world and have been sold to 111 territories. “In America, they tried a dubbed version and it didn't really work. They preferred the original. Clearly, in foreign language territories we have to dub it but we take a great deal of care to get the original voices on. The tone and the feel and that great casting, it really makes or breaks the show."


Charlie & Lola’s Best, Most Exciting 10th Birthday Marathon airing on CBeebies from 9am-4pm on August 15. CBeebies is available in Australia on Foxtel and FetchTV


BBC World News puts the focus on Greg Norman this weekend @Foxtel @FetchTV

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Greg Norman image - BBC World News

Greg Norman
image - BBC World News

Saturday 8th August  at 12.30pm (AEST)
Sunday 9th August at 9.30am and 8.30pm (AEST)

This weekend Sports Extra on BBC World News will feature a special profile on Australian Golfer and Businessman Greg Norman.

The former Open champion Greg tells how he dealt with the pressure of being the world’s best golfer for 331 weeks (second only to Tiger Woods) and the disappointment of having more than one major championship snatched from under his nose.  In a wide-ranging interview with Chris Mitchell, the Australian, who turned 60 in February, also reveals how being an expert surfer helped him turn professional, how he would allow loud music to be played on golf courses to attract younger players, and about the chainsaw accident in 2014 that almost saw him lose the use of his left hand.

BBC World News is available in Australia on Foxtel and Fetch TV


Updated: beIN Sports obtains Australian broadcast rights for UEFA Champions League

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European football fans in Australia will need yet another subscription to follow their favourite competitions with news Pay-TV broadcaster beIN Media Group has acquired Australian and New Zealand Broadcast and IPTV rights for the UEFA Champions League


The Children of the Gaza War - Special Presentation this weekend on BBC World News @Foxtel

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This weekend BBC World News will be airing a special presentation Children of the Gaza War. The program is presented by award winning BBC World News correspondent Lyse Doucet.


Review: Genevieve O’Reilly gets Banished on @BBCFirstAus @Foxtel @NikoleGunn

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A lot has been written about Australia’s brutal past as Britain’s dumping ground for petty thieves, rogues and murders.  The arrival of the First Fleet has provided storytellers with a lot of material to work with.