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Ted Danson

REVIEW: The Good Place is Good and Hopefully Will Get Better

ReviewMerrill Barr

There’s nothing wrong with high concept comedy as long as that high concept doesn’t overpower the humor itself. There is, however, an example of a new show this season that gets high concept comedy right. That show is NBC’s The Good Place.


Review: Welcome back Fargo for season 2 - @SBS

ReviewSteve Molk

The Mid-NorthWest of the 1970's United States was a seemingly innocent place. A place where men were men, women worked at the hairdressing salon, and bad guys kept everything under control and out of sight.


Airdate: Fargo Season 2 - Arrives this October on @SBS

ProgrammingSteve Molk

FARGO season two - featuring an incredible cast including Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons, Patrick Wilson, Ted Danson & Angus Sampson - will premiere with a double episode on SBS 8:30pm Wednesday 21 October.